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The Best Male & Female Cop Pairs on TV

List RulesVote up the lady/guy cop and crimefighting pairs from shows on TV or streaming that have the best dynamic.

A good team-up on TV is reason enough to tune into a series, any series, episode after episode for years. The show that two of your favorite characters are on could be garbage, everybody surrounding the duo could be annoying, the entire series could be a slog - but we'd still watch because the chemistry of a great duo is pure TV magic. Whether they can banter like no one else, find a criminal within one act break because of their unique and balanced skillsets, or just be plain damn charming together, the best male and female cop pairs on television have a special place in our TV watching hearts.

While TV may have started off as a place filled with brooding male leads, procedurals, and sci-fi, TV has changed a lot in recent years. Luckily for us, a huge part of that shift has to do with putting great female characters front and center, and yes, pairing them with a male cop - at least to show up the guy every once in a while. From comedies to procedurals to serialized cable dramas, the best TV male and female cop duos (or simply duos that fight crime, procedural-style) are the ones that make us wish our workplace relationships were as productive, stable, and just plain entertaining as the ones in our favorite shows. If there's one thing that these male and female cop partners from TV can do best it's make us wish we had their lives, whether they're solving every crime life throws at them with grace or looking cool and collected no matter who they've just chased down the street.

Regardless of the reality of these cop pairs, after a hard day sometimes all we want to do is escape and watch people hunt down some bad guys and successfully navigate the tricky world of office politics (and sometimes romance). With that in mind, get your cuffs ready, read that perp their rights, and start rolling down the street in that patrol car with the siren blasting, because it's time to rank the best male and female cop pairs on TV.