The Best TV Revivals Starring Original Casts

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Only TV revivals with original casts.

It's always exciting to see a beloved television show come back to the airwaves, especially in the case of revivals with original cast members. When the actors and actresses that brought your favorite characters to life sign on for a reboot, it really helps preserve the integrity of the original program. In addition to bringing back the cast, the best revivals stay true to the show's roots in terms of plot and dialogue. 

Some critically acclaimed TV series saw revivals recently. Roseanne - known for tackling issues faced by middle class Americans - returned to television in 2018 and addressed the political differences that cause strife in many American families. Will and Grace also saw a reboot with original cast members, and dealt with the Trump presidency directly in its first episode. However, not every reboot deals with topical themes. When Gilmore Girls saw its 2016 reboot, it largely stayed away from addressing any controversial topics and instead stuck to its comedic roots. Other Tv good series that were revived after cancellation include The X-Files, Prison Break, Arrested Development, and Family Guy.

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