The Best TV Show Reboots & Returns Of 2020

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Vote up the shows finally returning to television in 2020 that you're the most excited about, whether it's a long-anticipated return or a fresh reboot.

Everything old is new again, or at least it's getting a revival. There are quite a few reboots in 2020 of favorite shows, and also returns of series that ended too soon. With the proliferation of more and more streaming services, there are more and more channels for shows to stretch their wings and reinvent themselves - or for beloved shows to get another chance.

From everybody's favorite '90s shows returning in new forms, like Saved by the Bell, Party of Five, and The Animaniacs, to surprise seasons of more recent shows we'd all thought were lost, such as A.P. Bio, One Day At A Time, and Search Party. It's not just scripted series that are seeing reboots and revivals, several talk shows and reality series are coming back in 2020 as well, from The Biggest Loser to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Other shows are returning in a more nebulous state - Adventure Time, which ended in 2018, is returning as a series of specials on HBO Max.

However you feel about constantly returning to the well of old ideas to make new shows, the number and scope of 2020 reboots, revivals, and returns are impressive. Vote up the shows you'll be glad to add back to your watchlist or are most excited to see return.