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The Best TV Shows About Cheaters, Affairs, And Infidelity

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List RulesVote up the best shows -scripted and unscripted - that uncover cheaters and let you dive deep into the relationship drama.

Cheaters never win - except with audiences that are here for that relationship drama. Cheating and affairs are a regular part of a lot of drama series, especially primetime soap operas, but it is the driving plot point of far fewer shows. From stories about affairs that change the characters' lives to series where the infidelity is just one more piece to a deeply complex puzzle, tv shows about infidelity wouldn't be able to tell the stories they do without the romantic indiscretions of their main characters.

It doesn't matter if the cheating is a primary part of the plot (The Good Wife) or just a constant as a relationship dissolves (Mad Men), shows that feature infidelity wield a surprising power over the audience, catching our hearts and emotions up in their merciless rollercoaster.  Vote up your favorite shows about infidelity and cheating whether they're scripted series or reality shows.