The Greatest TV Shows About College

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College life is one of the most idealized times for many adults, as depicted in numerous college TV shows. The people who lived through their college years often look back with nostalgia while the children looking forward to it idealize it as the best time in their lives. The reality is often a mix of people trying to "adult" while entertaining the more depraved aspects of their personality. Whatever your particular experience in college, odds are some of the many TV shows about college life mirror your own experiences.

While the concept of college life is generally more associated with films like Animal House, PCU, and Old School (among other top college movies), there are dozens of great examples found on the small screen. Shows like the popular sitcom Undeclared feature the life of a college freshman who doesn't really know what he (and many of the people around him) wants. Other shows like Community are less about education and more about the interpersonal relationships of a group of friends set in a community college. Most of the choices in this list of the best shows about college are firmly set in the comedy genre, but others can be found in romance, drama, and many more. 

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