The Greatest TV Shows About Con Artists

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Vote up the best shows that center their stories on con men (and women) and the people caught up in their crimes.

If you've ever watched a movie or television show about con artists, odds are you thought to yourself that you could have seen the con coming. That's what's fun about TV shows about con artists: throwing ourselves into the situation and considering how we would handle things. Would we be fooled by such an obvious trick or could we pull off the con ourselves? These questions are the reason TV shows about con artists and similar crime dramas are so much fun to watch and also why there are so many to choose from.

A television show that features a con artist as the main character offers a significant challenge for the writers and, when they pull it off, it's almost a con itself. Series like White Collar create a dynamic relationship between the con artist character and the FBI agent who brought him to justice only to find themselves working together once a certain expertise is needed. Other series like American Gods hide the con behind characters like Wednesday whose entire purpose seems to be to con the main character, Shadow, into doing something he wouldn't normally do. In short, there's a long list of good shows about con artists, but which is the best? Cast your votes below. 

What are television's best scammer shows? If you're simply seeking recommendations for some con artists TV shows, browse this list for some great ideas. Vote up the shows about con artists you think are the best and see where your favorite shows rank.

Photo: White Collar/USA