The Greatest TV Shows About Growing Up

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The best coming-of-age shows are as much a part of life as growing up is itself. We all did it (or are doing it): growing up is simply a part of life so it should come as no surprise many TV shows are about it. Series about children and teens growing up have been a staple of American television for decades with examples going back to the earliest days of black & white airwaves. Whether you enjoy watching how families on TV get it done and use those life lessons in our own families or you simply enjoy watching good, entertaining television, there are plenty of great coming-of-age TV shows to enjoy.

Seeing as the genre dates back decades, compiling a list of the greatest TV shows about growing up requires a look back through time. Does your family look like The Brady Bunch, which showed the world what an early "blended" family looked like or was yours more like the folks on The Cosby Show? Whatever your home life, odds are you sat and watched many of the series on this list, but there are many more. 

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