The Best TV Shows About Hair Salons

Hair salons are a staple of television. They’re the place where women can go to get their hair done, gossip with their friends, and maybe even find love. The best TV shows about hair salons show the inner workings of these businesses and how they affect the lives of those who work there. From dramas to comedies, there’s something for everyone on this list of TV shows about hair salons.

What are some good TV shows about hair salons? Some great examples include Black Mirror's “USS Callister” episode, which features a woman who works at a salon that caters to men with fantasies. She has her own fantasy in which she is one of those men's fantasy - but it turns out that he's not as nice in real life as he is in his fantasy! Other good examples include The Bold Type's first season episode titled "The Hair Episode," where three women discuss what it means when someone says they have "good hair." This list includes both long-running series like Sex and the City; and short-lived series like Crazy Ex-Girlfriend., so no matter what your favorite show about a salon is, you'll find it here!

What are the best TV shows set in beauty parlors? Vote up your favorites below or add any great series that aren't already on the list!