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The Greatest TV Shows That Parody Hollywood

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Though you may not always realize it, Hollywood does like to take the occasional jab at itself. Whether it's a comedic look at actors working in Hollywood or a TV show offers a parody of the industry that mirrors what actually happens behind the scenes, there are quite a few TV shows about Hollywood and the people working there. TV shows that parody Hollywood can sit comfortably within the realm of comedy or hop over to drama and any other genre you might think of. In short, when it comes to parody TV shows, there are plenty that target Hollywood and the crazy world it is— and the very best have been compiled here!

Series like HBO's Entourage show what life is like for a burgeoning film star while focusing on the behind-the-scenes aspects of life in the city. A more animated parody exists thanks to Netflix's Bojack Horseman, which offers a glimpse into what happens when a star is on the outs and looking to make a comeback. Even the dark comedy Barry looks at how wanting to be an actor in Hollywood complicates your life. Whatever genre you prefer, there is certainly something good to watch that parodies Hollywood. 

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Photo: Entourage / HBO