The Greatest TV Shows About Hospitals

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It seems these days, you can't turn on your television without stumbling across a series about hospitals. Whether it's about the people who work there or the patients who wind up inside, hospital shows have been going strong for years. Doctors, nurses, and other staff members who work in these institutions have always fascinated the general population and have long been a part of TV. Whether you enjoy watching a comedy, drama, romance, suspense, or anything else in-between, there are plenty of options to choose from if you're on the lookout for an amazing TV show set in a hospital or clinic.

The best shows about hospitals shows have been going strong since the debut of the hit medical drama ER, but it was hardly the first (or last) of its kind. Comedies like Scrubs were less about medicine than they were about relationships, but if you prefer a mix of the two, shows like Grey's Anatomy delve deep into the nuances of surgery while digging into the relationships of the many characters on the show, and New Amsterdam looks at the relationships built as a hospital is rebuilt. Determining the absolute best of them all is the goal of this list and there are a lot of amazing choices. Which series make your list of good shows about hospitals?

For more recommendations on hospital shows, browse this list vote up the best hospital shows and see where your favorite shows about hospitals and doctors rank!  Also be sure to check out the best medical movies if you need more hospital-based content in your life.

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