The Greatest TV Shows About Kings & Queens

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One of the most fascinating, yet small, sects within society has always been the monarchy. While most Americans and Europeans are more familiar with the British or French monarchies, there have been incredible stories told about the kings and queens of other nations all over the world. Even in the modern age, monarchies continue to fascinate us, which is obvious if you simply turn on your TV.

Additions to the genre concerning more modern kings and queens of the world include The Crown, which is a biopic/miniseries about royalty and the life of Queen Elizabeth II of England. Her story unfolds across the seasons in a never-before look at the life of a modern monarchy. More historical series like The Tudors explores the lives of Henry VIII and his wives. The politics of the day and the policies of the King unfold in a series of drama, action, and romance. 

What are television's best kings and queens shows? Vote up the shows about royalty you think are the best and see where your favorite shows about kings and queens rank. And if you love these royal shows, be sure to check out these royal movies!