The Greatest TV Shows About Murders

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Vote up the best shows that center their stories around a murder - whether the leads are investigatating or commiting it.

In a golden age of TV options, shows about murders and murder investigations spread all over the networks and streaming services. And why wouldn't they? For decades, television audiences have been fascinated by the criminal mind, especially where murder is concerned. If we're all very lucky, we won't ever have to deal with these situations in real life, which may be why we are so drawn to them on television. Considering this, what do you think are the best TV shows about murders?

In terms of murder TV shows, there's quite the variety to choose from. Shows like Dexter deal with murder from the perspective of the person committing the crimes. The titular antihero is fascinating and we can't help but root for him even though he's committing atrocious acts. Other series like Law & Order cover murders from the point-of-view of law enforcement and create believable scenarios the audience has found fascinating for years. Then you have docu-series like Making a Murderer, which explores the true story of a potentially-wrongfully-convicted killer—complete with in-depth interviews and more insight that's since come to light. Whether it's true crime shows you're after or something along the lines of top crime dramas, there's a long list of shows about murders you're sure to enjoy. 

What are television's best shows about murder? Vote up the murder and murder investigation shows you think are the best and see where the murder shows you love to watch rank.

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