The Greatest TV Shows About Prison

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For most of the population, prisons are only accessible via our TV sets and movie screens. At least, that's the goal as nobody really wants to visit a prison. For those of us interested in seeing what life is like behind bars, there are television shows about prison for us to watch! These series generally sit in the drama and action genre, but comedies have been known to get locked up as well. You can even find anime series about prison. While there are more than a few docuseries and reality shows about being imprisoned, there are also series with impressive storylines and detailed characters fans can enjoy. So, if you'd prefer to see what prison looks like from the perspective of the people serving time, or hear some scary prison stories, you'll find plenty of options on the list below.

More recent additions to the jail genre include women-in-prison shows like Orange is the New Black, which delves into the life of the inmates in a women's prison, while a series like Prison Break features men trying to fulfill the title of the show. Whatever your interest in prisons— getting into them or breaking free—there are plenty of shows on television capable of captivating your attention! 

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