The Greatest TV Shows About Rich People

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They say money is the root of all evil and that may be why TV shows about rich people are so fascinating to those of us without it. For those who don't have it and for the lucky ones who do, money can create some serious problems. When TV shows feature the rich, one of the clearest aspects of their lives is that they have many of the same problems the rest of the world does. Whether it's their relationships, legal troubles, or simply not being able to afford the 75 foot yacht, rich people have their problems too.

Looking back through the years, there have been plenty of TV shows about rich people with some topping the charts of critical and audience acclaim. Shows like Arrested Development hilariously examine the lives of rich people who are seeming up to no good while other series like Downton Abbey are less about the money and more about the role of money in society. Whatever genre interests you, there's bound to be a recommendation or two on this list that are certain to entertain. 

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