The Greatest TV Shows About Serial Killers

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There's something about a serial killer that deeply fascinates and terrorizes all of us... except maybe serial killers. Watching a truly deranged person commit acts that would otherwise be unthinkable is just one of those things people want to see, and Hollywood has answered the call in both film and television. On the small screen, TV shows about serial killers have found a way to depict these monsters as either demons who must be stopped or even as anti-heroes the viewer can't help but cheer on in their endeavors - or become fascinated by, like with Joe Goldberg in You. Whatever your preference in watching serial killers, there are plenty of amazing series to watch on television.

Shows like Showtime's Dexter offered a deep and personal look into the mind of the titular character. Dexter was presented as an anti-hero who hunted down others like him while shows like The Following feature a look into both the minds of the killer(s) and the people hunting them down. The list goes on from here, featuring some great and thrilling series—and that's excluding the bounty of serial killer movies out there.

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