The Greatest TV Shows About Small Towns

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Not everyone comes from one or lives in a small town, but TV shows about small towns permeate our networks. If you think about it, shows like The Simpsons are as much about a small town as they are about an average yellow American family. Because of our fascination with small towns and the strange and interesting people who live in them, small-town USA has been a major player in many of our favorite television series across the years.

The best thing about a good TV show featuring a small town is that it can be of any genre imaginable. Whether your interests stray towards horror/romance with shows like True Blood featuring vampires in a small town in Louisiana or you prefer the more grounded comedies like Parks and Recreation, there are plenty of amazing series to enjoy.

For more recommendations, browse this list of great small town shows vote up the series set small towns that are your favorites. And, if you love these shows, be sure to check out our list of small town movies.

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