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The Greatest TV Shows About Technology

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The one thing that remains ubiquitous in all our lives is technology, and you might even say the same for shows about technology. You're reading this article on a technological innovation at this very moment so it should come as no surprise that technology TV shows are also everywhere. Good shows about technology are featured through just about any genre, which makes choosing the greatest TV shows about technology such a difficult task. Nevertheless, we all have our idea of the best shows about tech.

TV series like Silicon Valley revolve around technology, but are more centered on the interpersonal relationships of the people developing that tech. Other shows like the hit sci-fi series Black Mirror are all about how technology can become a negative influence in our lives. Whether your interests lie in science fiction, drama, or action/adventure, there are plenty of innovative and smart TV shows to watch that follow a technological basis. 

For more recommendations on the best shows about technology, browse this list and feel free to add any similar shows you think are missing! Then check out the best movies about technology.

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