The Greatest Shows About the Yakuza

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The shadowy yakuza are a uniquely Japanese take on the gangster, known to follow strict codes of conduct and enact harsh punishments on members that step out of line. Though their numbers in the real world have been at a steady decline since their peak in the 1960's, the presence of yakuza in western media has been growing, showcasing an underrepresented side of organized crime in yakuza TV shows. 

This list of shows about yakuza is ranked from the best to the worst, based on votes from the Ranker community. Thanks to you, we can find the absolute best TV shows about these deeply ritualistic criminals. On this list, you will find a mixture of English and Japanese language shows, revealing perceptions of this intriguing organization both from inside their homeland and overseas. One of the newest additions to this group of shows is Tokyo Vice, a show starring Ansel Elgort as an American journalist who begins to explore the world of yakuza. Other good shows about yakuza include Daredevil and The Man in the High Castle.

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