The Best TV Shows Based on Movies

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These are the best TV shows based on movies. Sometimes a story deserves the attention a small-screen adaptation offers, and this list ranks the top television series that all began with a film. When a story is so never-ending and epic, it is often perfect for a franchise, and film-to-TV adaptations can either re-imagine a story from a movie or extend its universe, though the adaptations often go the other direction. M*A*S*H is one of those rare instances of the film and television show both being perfect - although The Odd Couple (either of them) might fit that description. Did you know "Friday Night Lights" was a movie before a hit TV show? And what about all the animated ones like RoboCop and Clerks? Teen Wolf became MTV's number one scripted series and it evolved from a feature film. Many of your favorite Disney movies are now shows as well.

These are the greatest movies-turned-TV-shows in the history of entertainment. With Westworld also on the air, it is time to look back at the best TV series that are based on movies that have ever graced both screens. Some of these shows aren't only television adaptations of movies, they're based on a book too - sometimes even sticking closer to the novels than the movie did (or could).

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