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Good TV Shows for 5 Year Olds

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Finding the best TV shows for 5-year-olds to watch can be tricky. A lot of those shows for little kids can still feel like they're just "for babies" but even the most voracious learner is still five and might not be ready for more complicated themes. If you’ve been looking for good shows for 5-year-olds, this list of the best television shows appropriate for kids who are five will help find the right balance of fun to watch, age-appropriate and educational shows for 5-year-olds.

Every kid is different and just because someone is now school-aged doesn’t mean they automatically are ready to watch shows for tweens and older kids. The best shows for 5-year-olds to watch find a balance between educational and fun, while sometimes even being enjoyably weird or gross. Some good shows for five-year-olds offer educational moments in shows they'll keep watching (and learning from) as they grow up, such as Wishbone and The Magic School Bus Rides Again. Other shows are favorites from when they were younger, like Muppet Babies and Doc McStuffins.

Which television shows are the best for 5-year-old kids to watch? Vote up the best shows for 5-year-olds and add any good ones that are missing.

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