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The Best TV Shows That Never Won A Single Emmy

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Emmy snubs are a common complaint of television fans as there are some series with zero Emmys that just seem to have rotten luck. Despite critical acclaim and huge followings, the programs below never took home that coveted statue. These shows didn't just miss out on the big awards like Best Series; they have not won one single Emmy period, not even for obscure niche categories. Given their acclaim, that is truly a shock.

TV shows that never won an Emmy span across all genres, from lighthearted comedies to seedy dramas. These shows are so esteemed, many are surprised to hear they never received an Emmy. With The Wire's influence, how did it never snag at least one award? It's not uncommon for critics to be wary of genres like sci-fi, so the lack of Best Drama awards for Star Trek: The Original Series is understandable. However, how could it not have at least scored a win for technical effects like sound editing? These TV shows with no Emmy wins are truly baffling and often downright infuriating. 

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