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The Best Small Towns in Television History

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Oh, small towns: where everybody knows everybody, secrets eventually come out, and you always run into someone you know on your way to the grocery store. There’s no wonder so many TV shows are set in small towns – the setting brings characters closer and allows for charming exterior shots.

Plus, the best TV towns have the unique appeal of giving viewers the urge to leave the big city behind and retire to a quieter life. Maybe somewhere sunny, where attending town events is mandatory and locking your doors doesn’t always have to be on your to-do list.

However, not all small towns on television are safe and idyllic. Some are populated with supernatural creatures, while others lose tourism points due to their unusually high crime rate. And yet, viewers can’t help but imagine how it would be to live in a place where vampires throw the most epic parties and witches can totally bring you back to life if you lose your head along the way.

These are the best small towns in television history. Which one is your favorite?
  • Photo: The WB
    TV series: Smallville
    The childhood and adolescent hometown of Superman himself is pretty charming. It’s within driving distance of Metropolis, so you can always escape to the big city if the land of the weird and home of the strange doesn’t provide the excitement you so crave. 
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    Mystic Falls

    Photo: The CW
    TV series: The Vampire Diaries
    Sure, there’s no shortage of supernatural beings here, but Mystic Falls is also known for its rich history and quirky costume parties. The Salvatore brothers could easily finance their lifestyle by listing their mansion on Airbnb. 
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    Cabot Cove

    Photo: CBS
    TV series: Murder, She Wrote
    Charming and quaint, this coastal town was the perfect setting for Jessica Fletcher to get some much-needed inspiration for her mystery novels. The crime rate may have been high, but at least you knew there would always be plenty of excitement to go around. 
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    Tree Hill

    Photo: The WB
    TV series: One Tree Hill
    The main appeal of this small town, located on the eastern coast of North Carolina, was that almost everyone knew and supported each other... most of the time. Still, things were always heating up on and off the high school basketball court. So you'd definitely never get bored. The fact that a picturesque lake was only a drive away was just an added bonus.
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