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Television weddings rarely go off without a hitch. Sometimes the groom doesn’t show up. Other times he gets poisoned at the reception. In rare occasions, the bride decides she doesn’t want to go through with the whole event and bolts. But regardless of the particulars, weddings make for great TV. These special episodes celebrate relationships that viewers have been rooting for seasons – maybe even since the beginning of the series. They’re fun to watch, emotional, and memorable.

But, plot points aside, there's another factor that makes these episodes especially watchable: the wedding dresses. These are the best TV wedding dresses of all time, perfect for admiring, envying, and gasping over from the comfort of the couch. From Blair to Charlotte to CeCe to Penny, this list rounds up the very best wedding dresses on TV. Read on for some serious wedding inspiration, and get those remote-clicking, list-voting fingers ready. Vote up the TV character wedding dresses you’re still swooning over, even if it’s been years since the ceremony took place. 

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Queen Mary Stuart

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Photo: The CW

TV Show: Reign

Kate Middleton's got nothing on Queen Mary Stuart. She looked flawless for her wedding to Prince Francis. It doesn’t get any more royal than this.

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Blair Waldorf

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Photo: CW

TV Show: Gossip Girl

Blair never got to do the whole royal wedding thing, but she did get to eventually marry the love of her life, Chuck, which is what really matters in the end. Since fashion was a big part of this show, there’s no wonder both her wedding outfits were as sophisticated and glamorous as Blair herself.  

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Claire Fraser

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TV Show: Outlander

Claire looked absolutely dazzling for her highland wedding to Jamie. Consummating the marriage was a bit awkward, sure, but they got over it. 

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Photo: FOX

TV Show: Bones

Booth and Bones finally got hitched in season 9, during a beautiful ceremony attended by all of their loved ones. Although their nuptials didn’t go quite as planned, their vows were emotional and the wedding dress was a thing of beauty. Plus, they’re still going strong, so fans are rooting they’ll eventually get a much-deserved happily ever after.

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