The Best Tweek Quotes From 'South Park'

The best Tweek quotes really show why he is one of the most popular recurring characters in South Park. He was first introduced in season two as a jittery kid who drinks way too much coffee. While he initially seemed like a one-off joke, he did get a bit of character development when he began a relationship with Craig. He may not get the most lines in the show, but there have been plenty of funny Tweek Tweak quotes over the years that take you by surprise.

Every Tweek Tweak catchphrase is a classic, and he does have quite a few. Whenever anyone asks anything of him, he usually responds with, "Oh man, that is way too much pressure!" He often resorts to inflammatory statements and tends to be a little paranoid, as evidenced with the line, "Maybe they wanna kill us!" 

What's your vote for the best Tweek Tweak quote of all time? Just take a deep breath if this all seems like a lot of pressure.