The Best Tweets About The Royal Wedding

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On May 19, 2018, the United Kingdom set the rest of the globe abuzz celebrating the union between Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle. More than ever, Americans were fascinated by this royal wedding, thanks to the real-life fairytale turning an American bride into a British princess (or technically, a Duchess). But as well-wishers and snarks alike tuned into the televised nuptials, so emerged the best tweets about the royal wedding and the brand-new Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

A royal wedding doesn't come along very often, so it's no surprise companies tried to take advantage of the event by marketing weird royal wedding products. It's also no surprise the trolls of Twitter tried to take advantage of the fanfare with plenty of hot takes and tweets about Harry and Meghan's wedding. If half the world was excited to see a gorgeous television star experience the pomp and circumstance of an elaborate royal wedding ceremony, the other half certainly had some comic reactions. Regardless of whether you enjoyed the ceremony, you'll appreciate these royal wedding Twitter reactions.

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    Going Blind


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    Who Wore It Better?


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    Weddings From Home


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    Fans Will Stan


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    The Real Prince Trying To Steal The Groom's Thunder


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    An Unnecessary Vow


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