The Best Tweets from Digiorno  

Ashley Reign
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Nowadays pretty much everybody is jumping on the social media wagon, from celebrities to businesses to... pizzas? That's right, these funny tweets from DiGiorno’s Twitter account prove that the frozen pizza company is kind of nailing it as far as hilarious marketing tactics go. Taste a small sampling of some of the funniest DiGiorno tweets as the pizza makers tackle everything from the Super Bowl to NBC’s broadcast of The Sound of Music featuring Carrie Underwood.

Whether you’re a Pepperoni lover or a hardcore cheese connoisseur, you’ll find yourself among people who totally feel you. Though they may not be delivery, DiGiorno has found one more way to turn doubters into fans. So fire up the oven get ready to laugh. DiGiorno is here to prove that they’ve got you covered when it comes to wisecracks, dating advice, and yes, pizza.
How's It Going, Papa John's?


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See What They Did There?
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DiGiornio Does Throwback Thursday
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Just in Case You Thought They were Playin'
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