The Best Times Mark Hamill Trolled His Fans On Twitter

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When Mark Hamill trolls his fans, he does so with the aplomb you expect from a Jedi master. The best trolling tweets from Mark Hamill wield sarcasm like a lightsaber, delivering dry, clean humor in 280 characters or less. All the times Mark Hamill trolled his fans on Twitter show that even in old age Hamill remains as sharp as ever. The funniest trolling tweets from Luke Skywalker rile the hell out of his fanbase, and now people simply tweet at Hamill just to see where his hilarious mind will take things. No wonder his fans adore him. As Mark Hamill's own autograph shows, the actor enjoyed trolling his fans well before the internet turned the word "troll" into what it is today. 

But Mark Hamill's troll tweets up the ante by bringing his humor to social media, where anyone, a Star Wars fan or not, may laugh along at his jokes. Because when it comes to tweets, or simply quotes from Mark Hamill, anyone can get something out of it, either a laugh or at least a new way of looking at the Wampa in Episode V.