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The Most Memorable Quotes From 'Twilight'

The best Twilight quotes show how it gave the Harry Potter franchise a good run for its money as the preeminent teen franchise of the late 2000s/early 2010s. Not only did the films gross a ton of money, but they helped launch the careers of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. It's easy to see why the film was beloved by millions. It has funny one-liners, memorable lines, and some famous Twilight movie quotes.

Which do you think are the best Twilight quotes? Vote up the lines that made you fall in love with the eternal romance of Bella and Edward.

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    Stopped the Van

    Isabella Swan: Are you going to tell me how you stopped the van?

    Edward Cullen: Yeah. Um... I had an adrenaline rush. It's very common. You can Google it.

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    Some Answers

    Isabella Swan: Look, You gotta give me some answers.

    Edward Cullen: Yes. No. To get to the other side. Uh, 1.77245...

    Isabella Swan: I don't want to know what the square root of pi is.

    Edward Cullen: You knew that?

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    Then Don't

    Edward Cullen: I don't have the strength to stay away from you anymore.

    Isabella Swan: Then don't.

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    Spider Monkey

    Edward Cullen: Hold on tight, spider monkey.

    [He climbs the tree.]

    Edward Cullen: Do you trust me?

    Isabella Swan: In theory.

    Edward Cullen: Close your eyes.

    [He jumps from one tree to the next. Bella gasps.]

    Edward Cullen: What?

    Isabella Swan: This isn't real. This kind of stuff just doesn't exist.

    Edward Cullen: It does in my world.

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