The Best Two Player Games for Super Nintendo

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For a system known for its single player experience, there are still a ton of good co-op games for SNES. If you had to pick, what would you say is the best co-op game for Super Nintendo? There were amazing two player racing games, brawlers, RPGs, and more that were a blast to play with a friend (or little brother who always had to be player two). Vote up your favorite two player SNES games that you love playing with friends, and add any games to the list you think we missed!

Did you know Kirby Super Star was the first multiplayer Kirby game? The coolest part was that player two could be a multitude of characters, depending on which enemy Kirby swallowed and then transformed into his helper. Super Mario Kart also launched on SNES, which paved the way for tons of future racing games, both in and outside of the Mario Kart franchise. And then there's Wild Guns, which is one of the more obscure SNES games.

Most divisive: Captain America and The Avengers
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  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time was an instant classic with fans of the TV show, with its story meshing beautifully with the time-traveling mayhem we'd expect from the quartet. Gameplay was co-op beat 'em up frenzy, pitting your and a buddy's skill against wave upon wave of Shredder's minions. Turtles in Time's scintillating blend of fan-service and cabalistic action set a new benchmark for the beat 'em up genre, making it a cornerstone in SNES's legacy.

  • Super Mario Kart
    1,018 votes

    Super Mario Kart's infectiously fun twist on the go-kart formula propelled it to the upper echelons of SNES' roster. It introduced the Mushroom Kingdom's pantheon in a vehicular slugfest, with track hazards guaranteeing no two laps were ever the same. Widely revered as the catalyst for the fan-beloved 'kart-racer' genre, Super Mario Kart left an indelible impact on gaming.

  • Super Bomberman
    460 votes
    Jan 01 1993

    Super Bomberman beat the odds by turning a simple concept - strategically deploying bombs to take out enemies and open up the path forward - into a bright and colorful multiplayer experience. The tight co-op gameplay and increasingly complex maze-like levels were an instant hit. Not just a blow by blow retread, Super Bomberman planted its flag as a dazzling new pillar of cooperative play.

  • Goof Troop
    537 votes
    Jan 01 1993

    Goof Troop, inspired by the TV show, was a daring departure from SNES’ more intense offerings. It mixed puzzle-solving with action, necessitating team-ups to navigate the charmingly goofy levels. Despite its less serious tone, Goof Troop clearly left its footprints in the sands of SNES' history with its unique co-op style.

  • Secret of Mana
    664 votes
    Jan 01 1993

    Secret of Mana's innovative yet streamlined real-time combat set it apart from the RPG crowd. The story takes you on a winding journey of friendship and courage, a journey made sweeter when shared with a friend through its co-op play. Even after all these years, Secret of Mana remains a flickering beacon in the RPG genre.

  • Sunset Riders
    212 votes

    Sunset Riders showed us the wild west in a light we’d never seen before on SNES, dishing out an intriguing tale of vengeance in the lawless frontier. Working cooperatively was key to dodging bullets and nabbing bounties in this action-packed shooter. Sunset Riders' high-noon heroics etched its mark on the retro gaming landscape.