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The Best Tyga Albums, Ranked

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Will your favorite Tyga album be voted up to the number one spot? The Tyga discography now spans over a decade which means he's collected an eclectic group of fans throughout the years. Vote up the albums you want to see at the top and vote down the others from this complete Tyga albums list. Will you vote based on your favorite song or base your decision on the whole album? There are quite a few to choose from, like "Rack City" off of Careless World: Rise of the Last King or "Dope" off of Hotel California.

Maybe the best one is the new Tyga album, Kyoto. Only time will tell! Look for your favorite songs or albums in general as you can vote up more than one item on the list. Have fun looking over the list and revisit it to see how Tyga's fans from around the world have influenced the rankings!

  • Careless World: Rise of the Last King
    Photo: Young Money, Cash Money, Republic

    1. Careless World
    2. Lil Homie (feat. Pharrell)
    3. Muthaf*cka Up (feat. Nicki Minaj)
    4. Echoes Interlude
    5. Do It All
    6. I'm Gone (feat. Big Sean)
    7. For the Fame (feat. Chris Brown and Wynter Gordon)
    8. Birdman Interlude
    9. Potty Mouth (feat. Busta Rhymes)
    10. Faded (feat. Lil Wayne)
    11. Rack City
    12. Black Crowns (feat. Cameron Forbes)
    13. Celebration (feat. T-Pain)
    14. Far Away (feat. Chris Richardson)
    15. Mystic Mado Kara Mieru Interlude
    16. This Is Like (feat. Robin Thicke)
    17. King & Queens (feat. Wale and Nas)
    18. Let It Show (feat. J. Cole)
    19. Love Game
    20. Lay You Down (feat. Lil Wayne)
    21. Light Dreams (feat. Marsha Ambrosius)

    Pitchfork score: 6.7

    • Release Date: 2012
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    Hotel California

    Hotel California
    Photo: Young Money, Cash Money, Republic

    1. 500 Degrees (feat. Lil Wayne)
    2. Dope (feat. Rick Ross)
    3. Get Loose
    4. Diss Song
    5. Hit 'Em Up (feat. Jadakiss)
    6. Molly (feat. Cedric Gervais, Wiz Khalifa and Mally Mall)
    7. For the Road (feat. Chris Brown)
    8. Show You (feat. Future)
    9. It Neva Rains (feat. The Game)
    10. M.O.E. (feat. Wiz Khalifa)
    11. Hijack (feat. 2 Chainz)
    12. Get Rich
    13. Enemies
    14. Drive Fast, Live Young
    15.Palm Trees

    Metacritic score: 50/100

    • Release Date: 2013
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    Photo: Last Kings, Empire

    1. Too Many
    2. Lightskin Lil Wayne
    3. On Me (feat. Lil Wayne)
    4. Stash (feat. Blueface)  
    5. Haute (feat. J Balvin and Chris Brown)
    6. Werkkkk
    7. Maykherkhum
    8. Vibrate (feat. Swae Lee)
    9. Shit I Like
    10. Legendary (feat. Gunna) 
    11. February Love (feat. Chris Brown) 
    12. Goddamn (Extended) (feat. A Boogie wit da Hoodie) 
    13. Taste (feat. Offset) 
    14. Made Me (feat. Bazzi)

    • Release Date: 2019
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    Photo: Last Kings, Empire

    1."ドウカテイ  (Ducati)
    2. Feel Me (feat. Kanye West)
    3. Teterboro Flow
    4. Ski on the Slope (feat. Pusha T)
    5. Eyes Closed
    6. Move to L.A. (feat. Ty Dolla Sign)
    7. Bel Air (feat. Quavo)
    8. Run It Back (feat. Young Thug)
    9. Playboy (feat. Vince Staples)
    10. Chandeliers
    11. Flossin (feat. King)
    12. Cash Splash NASA
    13. 1 of 1
    14. Gone Too Far
    15. Nann N**** (feat. Honey Cocaine)
    16. 100's (feat. Chief Keef and A.E.)

    • Release Date: 2017
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