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The Best Tyler the Creator Albums, Ranked

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We're ranking the best Tyler, the Creator albums of all time. One of the best rappers of 2019, Tyler, the Creator's discography features several popular hip hop songs, like "Yonkers" and "Okra." What is the greatest Tyler, the Creator album ever?

From his debut album Goblin to his 2017 album Flower Boy, this list of Tyler, the Creator albums also includes Wolf and Cherry Bomb.

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    1. Igor's Theme
    2. Earfquake
    3. I Think
    4. Exactly What You Run from You End Up Chasing
    5. Running Out of Time
    6. New Magic Wand
    7. A Boy Is a Gun
    8. Puppet
    9. What's Good
    10. Gone, Gone / Thank You
    11. I Don't Love You Anymore
    12. Are We Still Friends?

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      1. Foreword (feat. Rex Orange County)
      2. Where This Flower Blooms (feat. Frank Ocean)
      3. Sometimes...
      4. See You Again (feat. Kali Uchis)
      5. Who Dat Boy (feat. ASAP Rocky)
      6. Pothole (feat. Jaden Smith)
      7. Garden Shed (feat. Estelle)
      8. Boredom (feat. Rex Orange County and Anna of the North)
      9. I Ain't Got Time!
      10. 911 / Mr. Lonely (feat. Frank Ocean and Steve Lacy)
      11. Droppin' Seeds (feat. Lil Wayne)
      12. November
      13. Glitter
      14. Enjoy Right Now, Today

      Pitchfork score: 8.5

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        1. Wolf
        2. Jamba (feat. Hodgy Beats)
        3. Cowboy
        4. Awkward
        5. Domo23
        6. Answer
        7. Slater (feat. Frank Ocean)
        8. 48
        9. Colossus
        10. PartyIsntOver / Campfire / Bimmer (feat. Lætitia Sadier and Frank Ocean)
        11. IFHY (feat. Pharrell)
        12. Pigs
        13. Parking Lot (feat. Casey Veggies and Mike G)
        14. Rusty (feat. Domo Genesis and Earl Sweatshirt)
        15. Trashwang (feat. Na'kel, Jasper, Lucas, L-Boy, Taco, Left Brain and Lee Spielman)
        16. Treehome95 (feat. Coco O and Erykah Badu)
        17. Tamale
        18. Lone

        Pitchfork score: 7.8

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          1. Deathcamp (feat. Cole Alexander)
          2. Buffalo (feat. Shane Powers)
          3. Pilot (feat. Syd Bennett)
          4. Run (feat. Chaz Bundick and Schoolboy Q)
          5. Find Your Wings (feat. Roy Ayers, Syd Bennett and Kali Uchis)
          6. Cherry Bomb
          7. Blow My Load (feat. Wanya Morris, Dâm-Funk, Austin Feinstein and Syd Bennett)
          8. 2Seater (feat. Aaron Shaw, Samantha Nelson and Austin Feinstein)
          9. The Brown Stains of Darkeese Latifah Part 6–12 (Remix) (feat. Schoolboy Q)
          10. F**king Young / Perfect (feat. Charlie Wilson, Chaz Bundick, Syd Bennett and Kali Uchis)
          11. Smuckers (feat. Lil Wayne and Kanye West)
          12. Keep Da O's (feat. Pharrell Williams and Coco O)
          13. Okaga, CA (feat. Alice Smith, Leon Ware and Clem Creevy)

          Pitchfork score: 6.7

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