People Who’ve Been Typecast, Ranked By How Often They Play That One Thing

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Ever wonder why there are some actors who play the same role over and over again? Hollywood is a tough city, and success in the movie business is often a double-edged sword. If you find fame through one role, plenty of agents, studio executives, and audiences will want you to repeat that success. Moviegoers love typecasting because they want to be entertained just like they were the first time - this sells more tickets, meaning those behind the camera also love the practice.

For actors, however, typecasting is hardly so straightforward or fun. Everyone has heard at least one story about an actor trying to break out of their type. Some have been successful, such as Anne Hathaway, Steve Buscemi, and Robert Downey Jr., but plenty of actors remain stuck in the roles that made them famous, even if their later films are vastly different from their original fare. Check out some people who play the same character in every movie, and vote on the ones you think are the most typecast. Would you like to see them broaden their horizons, or are you happy with them - and their careers - just as they are? 

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    His typical role: The stoner and/or unlikely romantic interest. Rogen usually plays the stoner/slacker good guy of a film, forced to change when presented with an abnormal situation. He also plays a lovable lout with whom women inexplicably fall in love. 

    Examples: Pineapple Express, Knocked Up, This is the End, 50/50, Superbad, Long Shot

    • Age: 37
    • Birthplace: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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  • Danny Trejo
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    His typical role: The tough guy. Trejo's characters are usually tattooed and tough as nails. He's not someone to mess with, whether he's playing a hero or villian. 

    Examples: Machete; Machete Kills; From Dusk to DawnDesperado; Blood In, Blood Out; Con Air

    • Age: 79
    • Birthplace: Echo Park, Los Angeles, California, USA
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  • Her typical role: The tough chick. Rodriguez usually plays the tomboy who's undeniably sexy and can hold her own in any life-threatening situation. She typically hides behind an emotional wall, but those who break through it can see her soft side. 

    Examples: Fast and Furious franchise, GirlfightResident Evil franchise, Machete, Machete Kills

    • Age: 45
    • Birthplace: Texas, San Antonio, USA
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    His typical role: The awkward guy. Cera usually plays the nerdy, good-natured, softspoken dude who gets his feelings hurt pretty easily, yet remains loyal to a fault. 

    Examples: Superbad, Juno, Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

    • Age: 35
    • Birthplace: Brampton, Ontario, Canada
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  • Rob Schneider
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    His typical role: The crude comic relief. Schneider often plays the laughing stock who unwittingly finds himself in serious - but ostensibly comedic - situations in which he learns a valuable lesson. He has been typecast so often, South Park even lampooned his typical roles in 2012.

    Examples: Deuce Bigalow franchise, The Animal, The Hot Chick, Grown Ups, Big Stan, The Benchwarmers

    • Age: 59
    • Birthplace: San Francisco, California, USA
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    Her typical role: The quirky girl. Deschanel is frequently cast as the cute, big-eyed hipster with a childlike, wondrous outlook. She's the quintessential indie heroine.

    Examples: 500 Days of Summer, Almost Famous, Elf, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Yes Man

    • Age: 43
    • Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA
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