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The Very Best Types of Bread, Ranked

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From its just-baked aroma to its satisfying, chewy texture, bread is a true treat for the senses. But while all loaves are baked from dough, different kinds of breads are popular across the globe. Some good styles of bread are sweet and soft while other delicious breads are savory and full of robust flavors. The most popular types of bread often complement meals. Fittingly, the best types of bread can even describe zodiac personalities.

What types of baked goods will you find on this list of the best breads? White bread is a staple in American households, adding a classic taste to crisp toast and grilled cheese. French baguettes offer a touch more texture with their crackling crusts. When it comes to sweet breads, it's hard to top banana bread. Other good bakery items featured on this list include pumpernickel bread, challah bread, and focaccia bread.

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