The Very Best Types of Pasta, Ranked

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Whether you prefer to twirl it around a fork or slurp it up one noodle at a time, pasta makes a delicious meal. The best kinds of pasta come in many different forms. Some good styles of pasta are made with simple dough, while others are filled with savory ingredients. Pastas in all shapes and flavors are popular across the globe.

What delicious foods will you find on this list of the best pastas? Fresh or dried, classic spaghetti makes the perfect base for your favorite sauces. Wide, flat lasagna noodles are perfect for baked casserole recipes. Filled pastas, like ravioli, allow home cooks to combine meats, cheese, and herbs in bite-size mouthfuls. Other good noodles featured on this list include penne, tortiglioni, and elbow macaroni.

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