The Best Types of Pizza to Eat

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Actual kinds of 'za you order as a menu item—i.e. the stuff where you can say "pizza" after it and people will know what you're talking about.

What kind of pizza should you have tonight? What type of pizza will you order tomorrow when you get hungry again? And then, which pizza will you get a third night in a row because you only live once and you love all pizza varieties? The best kinds of pizza are a true hot button issue debated by cheese and bread lovers across the globe. Some people like plain cheese pizza and that’s okay. Others like pepperoni. Some people like Hawaiian pizza, which includes pineapples, and others think pineapples do not belong on pizza at all. So what type of pizza do you always order?

Vote up the pizzas you love to eat most below, and please note that this is not the forum in which to air your grievances against or avow your support for Chicago deep dish vs. New York thin crust. Pizza styles are a different can of tomato sauce and will be ranked elsewhere.

Most divisive: Veggie Lover's
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    Pepperoni Pizza

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    Cheese Pizza

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    Stuffed Crust Pizza

  • 4
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    Margherita Pizza

  • 5
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    Meat Lover's Pizza

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    Supreme Pizza