The Best U.S. Newspapers

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Includes printed, national, general-interest newspapers

The best U.S. newspapers are those printed periodical publications that feature the most intriguing articles from many of the top journalists in America. With daily circulation in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, these are the most popular newspapers in America and a primary source of news and information for millions around the country.

While it's easy to think that your local newspaper is the best as it contains the best combination of local, national and world news relevant to your area, the two largest newspapers in the country are national publications. The Wall Street Journal and USA Today lead the pack in circulation with roughly two million subscribers each per day. That's not to say local papers cannot stack up. The New York Times for example also is beloved by those far from the Big Apple with over 1.5 million readers daily.

But with the advances of technology, many of these newspapers are feeling the strain and have focused more on digital editions over printed copies. Many have stopped issuing a print edition on a daily basis, such as the New Orleans Times-Picayune, among others. Despite the pressure from their newspaper companies to cut jobs, these newspapers continue to produce award-winning and compelling content on a daily basis. The hard-working writers from these renowned publications remain dedicated to hard-hitting journalism, original content and quality reporting.

So whether you're a fan of the big dogs in the newspaper business, like the 112-time Pulitzer Prize winner New York Times, or the local paper that provides the best local reporting around, like the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune or Boston Globe, surely you've had one of these top American newspapers in your hand at one time or another. Which newspapers or newspaper websites do you turn to first for news? Vote for your favorite U.S. newspapers or add any not listed below!
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