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The Best U.S. States for Hiking

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This is a ranked list of the best U.S. states for hiking as voted on by men and women. These states include Oregon, Utah, Tennessee, Hawaii and more. Some of the most beautiful and scenic areas in the country are included on this ranked list. This list answers the question, “what are the best US states for hiking?”

Whether you are looking for beautiful mountain ranges, gorgeous bodies of water or luscious greenery, these places offer all the lovely landscapes you could ever wish to trek upon. Many states offer vast hiking routes while other countries offer more simplistic, although equally as gorgeous open landscapes to tread upon. Each of these best states for hiking offer distinct features as well. This list is for those seeking the thrill of being one with the land and discovering new states by foot might.

Whether looking for an extreme activity or a leisurely stroll, these ranked places offer great hiking in every part of the U.S. As a traveler looking for the country’s best hiking you might ask yourself, “Where are best spots to hike around the U.S.?” Well, here we have compiled a list of the very best places for this activity.
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    Notable hikes: Rattlesnake Ledge, Lake 22 Trail, Mount Si Trail, Wallace Falls, Snow Lake, Twin Falls

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    Notable hikes: Pike's Peak, Garden of the Gods, Longs Peak, Devil's Head Lookout, Emerald Lake, Quandary Peak.

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    Notable hikes: Donut Falls Trail, Delicate Arch, The Narrows, Queen's Garden/Navajo Loop Trail, Angel's Landing

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  • Notable hikes: Forest Park — Wildwood Trail, Trail of Ten Falls, Multnomah Falls Trail, Romona Falls, Paradise Park at Mt Hood, Ecola State Park

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