The Best Karate Fighters In UFC History

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Vote up the best UFC fighters who use karate as their fighting style.

The best karate fighters in UFC history have all had a great success showcasing the benefits of the fighting style. People all over the world learn karate for self-defense or personal reasons, but MMA has shown how it can lead to success in the sport. Many fighters with the karate background have found success by utilizing it and making it their own. 

Top UFC stars like George St-Pierre, Lyoto Machida, and Chuck Liddell all had backgrounds in karate and made it part of their fighting careers. Fighters from the beginning of the UFC all the way up through 2020 have used karate as an integral part of their fighting style.

So check out this list of the most famous UFC karate fighters and vote up the competitors who stood out above the rest as all-time karate greats in the octagon.