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The Best Kickboxers In UFC History

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The best kickboxer in UFC history is a tough debate to have with quite a few fighters making kickboxing their preferred style as a way to utilize their strong lower body. Many successful kickboxers have made the transition to MMA and have found real success in the octagon.

Famous fighters like Anderson Silva, Bas Rutten, and Brandon Vera all worked hard on the kickboxing craft to achieve great careers in the sport. Many of them implemented multiple styles, but kickboxing was the style they relied on most. Whether you're talking about stars from the UFC past or talented fighters still competing in 2020, kickboxing has been a major part of these fighters success.

So check out this list of the top all-time stars in UFC kickboxing and vote up the fighters who accomplished the most by as kickboxers in the octagon.

  • Height: 5'11''
    Weight: 184 pounds
    Weight Class: Middleweight
    Record: 26-2-0
    Belts won: UFC Middleweight Championship, UFC Welterweight Championship, Interim UFC Welterweight Championship

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  • Height: 6'0''
    Weight: 170 pounds
    Weight Class: Welterweight
    Record: 15-4-1

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  • Height: 5'10''
    Weight: 185 pounds
    Weight Class: Middleweight
    Record: 9-3-0

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  • Height: 5'10''
    Weight: 155 pounds
    Weight Class: Lightweight
    Record: 22-10-0
    Belts won: UFC Lightweight Championship

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