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The Best Muay Thai Fighters In UFC History

February 19, 2020 735 votes 47 voters33 items

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The best muay thai fighters in UFC history showed the art of their fighting skills inside the octagon. Muay thai feature a combination of the fists, elbows, knees, and shins being used to full effectiveness on the opponent. Many fans and fighters believe this is the best fighting style to achieve high-level success in the UFC.

Talented stars like Anderson Silva, Donald Cerrone, and Jon Jones have all implemented muay thai into their styles to provide huge victories. The list of UFC muay thai fighters includes a number of past champions, as well as stars still fighting in 2020. 

All the top UFC muay thai fighters are featured below, so vote up the competitors who stand out the most using the fighting style to their advantage. Help determine which of the best MMA muay thai fighters deserves to rank highest as the master of the style.

  • Height: 6'2''
    Weight: 187 pounds
    Weight Class: Middleweight
    Record: 34-10-0
    Belts won: UFC Middleweight Championship

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  • Height: 5'11''
    Weight: 155 pounds
    Weight Class: Light Heavyweight
    Record: 20-8-0

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  • Height: 5'5''
    Weight: 125 pounds
    Weight Class: Flyweight
    Record: 19-3-0
    Belts won: UFC Flyweight Championship

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  • Height: 6'1''
    Weight: 170 pounds
    Weight Class: Welterweight
    Record: 36-14-0

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