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These Artists Reimagine Your Favorite Characters In Gorgeous Traditional Japanese Style

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Ukiyo-e was a style of Japanese art that rose to prominence in the 17th century; "ukiyo" means "floating world," hence the loose adherence to a strict physical form for the subjects at times. Ukiyo-e fan art, however, rose to prominence much more recently – it is the practice of depicting fictional characters in ukiyo-e style, and when it's done well, it's stunning.

Fortunately, there are a ton of skilled artists spread across the four corners of the Internet re-imagining your favorite characters from Game of Thrones to Pokémon, creating gender-swapped fan art and everything in between. Let's take a look at this beautiful ukiyo-e-style fan art and bask in the immense talent of those brilliant individuals who created it.

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    The Green Ranger – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

    The Green Ranger's kaiju puts the original sea-dwelling lizard monster to shame in this powerful installment of swadeart's Ukiyo-e Power Rangers.

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    The Black Ranger – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

    swadeart's line of Ukiyo-e Power Rangers is amazing, and the Black Rangers tusked armor framed by his more impressively tusked mammoth is just awesome.

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    Ganondorf – The Legend Of Zelda

    SeanDonnanArt created a beautiful depiction of The Legend of Zelda villain, Ganondorf, through a lens that seems to perfectly capture the monstrous man.

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    The White Ranger – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

    swadeart's depiction of the White Ranger's tiger, as if made of smoke or clouds, might be the best element in his beautiful line of Ukiyo-e Power Rangers.

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