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This Is How You Win With The Best 'Uncut Gems' Quotes

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Have you seen the acclaimed new Adam Sandler drama? If so, we want you to vote for the best Uncut Gems quotes. The comedian takes a detour into more serious territory with this film, although there are a few funny lines sprinkled among the screenplay's many gritty one liners. His performance is a game-changer that sets him up to do a lot more than just goofy comedies in the future.

Sandler plays Howard Ratner, a New York City jeweler. He has accrued a mountain of gambling debts, but also devised a plan to save himself. Howard recently purchased a rare black opal, straight from a mine in Ethiopia, that he plans to sell for what he predicts will be around a million dollars. One day, NBA star Kevin Garnett (playing himself) comes into the store. To impress his famous customer, Howard shows Kevin the opal. After reluctantly allowing the baller to borrow it as a good luck charm for that night's big game, he has trouble retrieving it. With his debtors breathing down his neck, Howard frantically attempts to get his opal back before it's too late.

Uncut Gems was directed by Josh and Benny Safdie, the filmmaking siblings who also brought us Good Time and Heaven Knows What. The supporting cast includes Idina Menzel, Julia Fox, Judd Hirsch, and Eric Bogosian.

Vote up the most memorable Uncut Gems quotes from the list below, no matter which character says them. 

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    How I Win

    Howard Ratner: This is me! This is how I win.

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    I Disagree

    Howard Ratner: So I want the Celtics to cover, I want the Celtics halftime, I want Garnett points and rebounds.

    Gary: Whaddaya know?

    Howard Ratner: I dunno, I just know.

    Gary: Well, I'll tell you what I know, it's the dumbest f*ckin' bet I ever heard of.

    Howard Ratner: I disagree. I disagree, Gary.

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    In the Cold

    [Howard and Julia have stormed out of a club after a fight. They're heckled by a woman waiting in line to get in.]

    Julia: Stupid b*tch. That's why you're in line in the f*cking cold. 

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    About To Pay Off

    Howard Ratner: I made a crazy risk, a gamble, and it’s about to pay off.

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