The Biggest Underdogs In TV History

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Let’s hear it for the underdogs! What makes a good underdog, you ask? It’s not necessarily the odds they have to face, but how much you want the characters to overcome the obstacles and succeed in the end. Underdog characters on TV can be sad sacks, hopeful optimists, self-driven nerds, or just ordinary people with the cards stacked against them.

The one trait all of these characters have in common is that viewers are always pulling for them! They’re endearing characters and seeing them win every once in a while makes watching their show all the more worth it. From Milhouse van Houten (The Simpsons) to Brick Heck (The Middle) and even Samwell Tarly (Game of Thrones), these are all the characters we love to root for.

So which of these characters are the greatest underdogs of all time? You tell us! Vote up best underdogs and add anyone you think is missing from the list! Maybe an unexpected character will be voted number one - it would be a true underdog story!  

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