Current British TV Shows You've Been Missing This Whole Time

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If you're an Anglophile at heart, this list of underrated British TV shows is for you. Everyone's heard of shows like The Crown, but what are the best current British TV shows you've been missing out on? The best underrated shows from across the pond that Americans should be watching include those singular English detective series, underrated British comedies, and more. Thanks to streaming, almost anything is available to watch, and more and more standard streaming services are making otherwise obscure British TV shows available.

What are some seriously under-the-radar British TV shows? Killing Eve stars Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer as two women obsessed with each other and caught in a game of cat and mouse. Luther – featuring Idris Elba – is another great detective show often overlooked by most Americans. Other good current British TV shows include Call of the Midwife, The Great British Bake Off, and Poldark. If you're in need of some new British shows to watch right now, these are some great options.

Out of all the British television you've been missing, which are the best? Help decide and vote up the underrated British TV shows you think deserve more love - and find out where your unknown faves from across the pond rank.

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