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Get Ready To Dive Into The Best Quotes From 'Underwater'

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After you've seen the new aquatic thriller, we invite you to vote for the best Underwater quotes. There are plenty of dramatic one liners in this adventure film, along with some funny lines that come courtesy of one wise-cracking character. You get to pick the ones that resonate the most.

The story takes place in a research facility six miles down in the Mariana Trench. An earthquake leaves it severely damaged, and the surviving crew members have to find a way to escape. Their only option seems to be walking a mile across the ocean floor to a second, abandoned facility. There, they can presumably hop into escape pods and return to the surface. What they don't initially realize is that some kind of undiscovered creatures are down there, too, which adds to the peril.

Kristen Stewart stars as Norah, the crew member who more or less leads the charge. Co-starring are John Gallagher, Jr. and Jessica Henwick as fellow crew members, Vincent Cassel as the captain, and T.J. Miller as the guy who's always quick with a sarcastic quip. The film was directed by William Eubank from a screenplay by Brian Duffield and Adam Cozad.

Vote up the most memorable Underwater quotes from the list below. 

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    Emily Haversham: I've never seen somebody die before.

    Paul Abel: I've seen someone die. I've never seen anyone implode.

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    We Might Live

    Norah Price: Can you just admit we might die?

    Captain Lucien: Can you just admit we might live?

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    We Don't Know What Came Out

    Emily Haversham: We drilled to the bottom of the ocean, and we don’t know what came out.

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    20,000 Leagues

    Paul Abel: This better not be some 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea sh*t.

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