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The Best Episodes of UNTOLD on Netflix

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The new Netflix series UNTOLD features some of the best sports documentaries ever made. In the massive wake of 30 for 30, Netflix stepped in and delivered an invigorating new five-part sports documentary series taking fans, historians, and just casual viewers into the fascinating world of sports. With never before seen behind-the-scenes footage, scalding hot takes, and great interviews with sports legends, UNTOLD shares tales of famous events in the sports world from the athletes who never got to tell their side of the story. So, what is the best episode of UNTOLD? 

From Malice at the Palace, to Caitlyn Jenner, to Breaking Point, and all the others, Netflix's UNTOLD sports documentary film series has a story for sports fans. So vote up your favorite episodes of UNTOLD, and help decided which episode fellow sports fans should watch first!

  • The story of the Danbury Trashers, a minor-league expansion hockey franchise owned by Jimmy Galante, who was in the waste management business and was connected to the Genovese crime family. When Galante paid the $500,000 franchise fee to the United Hockey League (UHL), he named his 17-year-old son A.J. as president and general manager. Even though A.J. would be the first to admit he was a punk, the kid actually had a talent for assembling a collection of bruisers and brawlers straight out of “Slap Shot.” Players such as “Wingnut” Wingfield, “One Eye Willy” Beauregard and Rumun “The Nigerian Nightmare” Ndur. These players would start fights three seconds into games, much to the delight of the Trashers’ rabid fan base, and with the approval of the team owner, who often paid the team with thick wads of cash stuffed into envelopes.

    • Actors: James Galante, A. J. Galante, Paul Gillis
    • Released: 2021
    • Directed by: Chapman Way, Maclain Way
  • Photo: Untold Malice at the Palace / Netflix

    The Malice at the Palace shook the sports world in 2004. It brought on inane questions in the media about the ways athletes act, dress, speak, and even the music they listen to. Now, with never before seen behind-the-scenes footage, Untold finally shares the player's side of the story from that one fateful night in Detroit. With exclusive interviews from Jermaine O'neal, Ron Artest, and Stephen Jackson (who is never talking about this sh*t again), Malice at the Palace reveals the effects of dangerous fan behavior on player health and safety. 

    • Actors: Tim Donaghy, Stephen Jackson, Reggie Miller
    • Released: 2021
    • Directed by: Floyd Russ

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  • Photo: Untold: Deal with the Devil / Netflix

    The name Christy Martin probably doesn’t ring a bell for the average sports fan. Despite the fact that Martin left a massive mark, her place in the sport of boxing doesn’t come close to that of Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather, or Muhammad Ali. Finally Martin gets the spotlight, sharing her story with all of its trials, pain, and triumph. A story of becoming the most successful female boxer in American history and putting women’s boxing on the map, before a violent murder attempt on Christy Martin put her career and life in jeopardy. 

    • Actors: Christy Martin, Mike Tyson, Don King
    • Released: 2021
    • Directed by: Laura Brownson

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  • A former tennis player who was once ranked No. 1 in America shares his story about being so overwhelmed by anxiety that minutes before a 2012 U.S. Open match against Roger Federer, he withdrew. Mardy Fish shares his side of the story on growing up with Andy Roddick and rising through the tennis ranks as teenagers. But while Roddick ascended to the #1 ranking in the world, Fish wandered the fringes of the pro circuit. Around 10 years into his career, Fish reinvented himself, losing weight, changing his diet and suddenly became like McEnroe on the court.

    • Actors: Mardy Fish
    • Released: 2021
    • Directed by: Chapman Way, Maclain Way