The Best U.S. Rivers for Fly Fishing

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What are the best rivers for fly fishing in America? This list ranks the most popular fly fishing waters in the United States. The U.S. is known for having premier fly fishing rivers across the country, especially in the many U.S. national parks that are open to the public. Here are some of the best US rivers for fly fishing.

In almost every state in the U.S., there are great fly fishing waters. From California to New York, New Mexico, and Missouri, there are plenty of rivers for fly fishing in the United States. In Colorado, the town of Glenwood Springs offers some of the best fly fishing in the America with the Fryingpan River and Gunnison River close by and fabulous sunshine nearly year-round. Colorado is a great fly fishing destination for trout fishing as well.

Another top American fly fishing destination is the popular Ozarks in Arkansas, also for trout fishers. In Michigan, salmon and carp reign supreme for fly fishing enthusiasts. Michigan rivers are also plentiful with trout, bass, carp, and panfish.

Fly fishing can be an inexpensive outdoor activity since the best fly fishing waters are located in many of the small towns across America with cozy human populations, yet dense fishing communities. Places like Montana or Wisconsin are also some of the top destinations for fly fishermen to visit, with excellent fly fishing rivers. Cast your votes for the best U.S. fly fishing rivers below.
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