The Best US States for Fly Fishing

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List of best places in the US for fly fishing. What are the top American states for fly fishing? This list ranks the best fly fishing destinations in the US, from lakes and rivers to small streams and ponds across America. Fly fishing is a fun and challenging alternative to traditional fishing. 

Fly fishing differs from traditional fishing with a specific angling method that gives the sport its name. Fly fishing uses a lightweight fly or a similar lure to catch fish. With the weight distributed differently, casting is altered. Fly fishing can be done in both salt and fresh water. The most popular types of fish caught fly fishing famously include salmon and trout. Many different types of fish, such as bass and carp, are also caught using the fly fishing technique. 

Fly fishing is an incredibly rewarding type of fishing because it combines skill and artistry to master. Fly fishing is rich in history and has been recorded in time since the early third century. Fly fishing requires a sort of passion, and many delight in the solitude of the fly fishing experience. Even though the name suggests that flies be used as lures, many artificial lures that mimic the weightlessness of flies have been developed to attract fish. Artificial flies can be made from feathers, fur and hair and come in different colors, shapes and patterns. 

What are the best places for fly fishing? This list ranks the top states for fly fishers. 
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