The Best Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Her

The best Valentine's Day gift ideas for her will often depend on the recipient and your relationship with her but when in doubt, all of these choices will most likely be well received. So gift givers, put down the vacuum cleaner. Don't even consider giving her a gym membership. Instead, pick one of these mostly foolproof Valentine's Day gift ideas for girls.

Flowers, chocolate and jewelry are perhaps the holy trinity of Valentine's Day gifts. These three options are enjoyed by 99% of women, are usually easy to purchase and can fit into any Valentine's Day budget. Beyond those options, things like watches, perfume, lingerie and handbags are rarely bad choices as well.

But going beyond the obvious, there are numerous other great Valentine's Day gifts for girlfriends and wives. Those in longterm stable relationships might want to surprise your girl with a new pet for Valentine's Day. Those with deep pockets could opt for a romantic vacation for their ladies. Even those looking to keep the holiday on the frugal side have great options too with a number of inexpensive and handmade gift ideas like a love poem, candy or a scrapbook.

So whether you're willing to dish out big bucks for designer shoes and clothing for your lady or just want to take her on a special romantic dinner to celebrate your love, stay close to one of these tried and true Valentine's Day gift ideas! Have other favorite gift ideas? Vote for your favorites, add those not listed or even re-rank this list your own way.
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  • Romantic Vacation
    205 votes

    Romantic Vacation

  • Romantic Dinner
    182 votes

    Romantic Dinner

  • Chocolate
    187 votes
  • Flowers
    181 votes


  • Jewelry
    178 votes


  • Event or Theater Tickets
    159 votes

    Event or Theater Tickets