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The 15 Best Anime To Watch On Valentine's Day 

Anna Lindwasser
Updated February 13, 2020 149 votes 48 voters 1.6k views 15 items

Valentine's Day is right around the corner - so how are you going to spend it? Whether you're hanging with a new flame or a long term partner, meeting up with friends, or going at it alone, watching anime is a great way to add some spice to the holiday But not just any anime will do - you need to choose the right anime to watch on Valentine's Day. 

Whether you're single or have a special someone, you might be looking for something uplifting and romantic. One great choice is Your Name, the hit movie directed by Makoto Shinkai. Not only can you actually finish it on Valentine's Day, it tells a beautiful story of two lovers separated by time and space that you'll find impossible to forget. Less harrowing but equally charming is Say "I Love You" which focuses on two high school students falling in love. Maybe you're looking for something that proves that there's more to love than just romance - in that case, try The Eccentric Family, which emphasizes all kinds of love - platonic, familial, and romantic. There's lots of great Valentine's Day anime to choose from, so you're bound to find something you'll like. 

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Your Name is a great choice for Valentine's Day viewing. Because it's a movie, it's one of the few anime on this list that can actually be finished in a single day. Besides being convenient, it's a beautiful love story. Mitsuha and Taki have never met, but one day they find themselves inexplicably swapping bodies. As they learn more about each other's lives and spend more time inside each other's bodies, they form one of the most intimate connections humanly possible. But just as they're falling in love, they realize that they actually exist on separate timelines - and if they don't do something about a disaster that's about to occur in Mitsuha's timeline, they may never get to see each other again. Though harrowing at times, it's an uplifting and beautiful movie that's engaging enough to watch alone but romantic enough to watch with a partner.

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At the start of Toradora!, Ryuuji Takasu and Taiga Aisaka think they have only two things in common - they both love someone who doesn't love them, and people make completely inaccurate assumptions about them based on their appearances. The two agree to help each other attract their crushes, but through this process they wind up falling for each other. 

Though the road to falling in love is rocky for these two, it has a deeply satisfying ending that will warm your heart. It's widely known as one of the best romance anime of all time - Valentine's Day might be the perfect time to find out why.

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Kaguya-sama: Love Is War is great for watching with your significant other if you guys have been together for a while and want to laugh about the opening stages of a relationship, or if you just want some amusement in general. It follows Kaguya and Miyuki, two members of the student council who everyone assumes are dating one another. Though they're both nursing massive crushes, neither is willing to admit to their true feelings. Instead, they try their hardest to trick the other person into confessing first. It's simultaneously adorable and hilarious, which creates a great mood for a romantic holiday.

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Rom-coms are always a great addition to the most romantic day of the year, which is why you should watch Monthly Girls! Nozaki-kun. Chiyo Sakura just wants to confess her love to the clueless Nozaki, but he misinterprets her heartfelt admission of her feelings completely and instead thinks that she's a fan of his shojo manga and wants to work as his assistant. As she learns how to apply tones and ink drawings, she tries to get him to understand her true feelings, but she's met with increasingly hilarious confusion. Whether you want to laugh while snuggling up to your sweetheart, with a group of friends, or by yourself, this anime is a great choice for Valentine's Day. 

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